Foodelux is the first wholesaler-only e-commerce source for Made in Italy food produce

Reliability, flexibility, and dynamism make Foodelux a leading global distributor of quality Italian goods.
With a range counting thousands of brands, and in constant evolution, Foodelux applies to all markets, providing an ideal meeting point for those seeking the Made in Italy guarantee of autenticity and quality.

With a strong identity, Foodelux establishes its value thanks to daily communication and to an experienced team which assists customers with all their needs. With this perspective the company can average total stock rotation three times a month, despite a warehouse of only 5000 mq2. At Foodelux, we believe in building loyalty and achieving mutual profitability, and reliability comes as standard.

We are young, but experienced, and offer our business partners the opportunity to discover the best Italian manufacturers, get the best price for their products, and see how their quality is valued on international markets.

At the same time we believe in a strong evolution of the wholesale market, and have devised a new model of business to business online which allows us to support our customers throughout the buying process, with transparency and reliability.

Our simple yet innovative online shopping platform is in fact the answer to our objectives, and offers customers many advantages: they have the possibility of keeping their stocks to the minimum and accessing the best brands easily. At the same time they can increase their turnover and reduce costs. Our retailer services are data driven, providing our suppliers and customers with the information they need to fulfil volume stock orders, share inventory levels, and analyse data, optimising logistical performance for every sale.

Foodelux was established as a result of a lucky encounter between Andrea Salati and Andrea Bertoldi, two young professionals coming from diverse training and international experience, but having in common a unique quality: the ability to combine different kinds of competence.
The professional knowledge of the food market of one partner combined with the strategic competence, (lean thinking and kanban) typical of the "automotive", of the other have formed something new, whose DNA is quite special. Spotting a gap for professional grocery services, the two founders created Foodelux, taking inspiration from the world of luxury fashion retail to create something new in the area of direct retail e-commerce.